Save time and worry less by scheduling your HVAC preventive maintenance in advance

fall preventive maintenance program

Prepare your heating and air conditioning for the next season and prevent problems before they happen with a preventive maintenance program.

Have you checked the oil in your lawnmower lately?

Do you check the oil in your snowblower during the season?

Do you winterize your boat or camper?

Every spring and fall we get things ready for the next season. Have you asked yourself, “why do I do these things?”

Of course, it’s because we’re attempting to be proactive and avoid problems with our equipment. The same is true for your heating and air conditioning systems.

Therefore Ellingsons offers a professionally managed preventive maintenance program from our Alexandria, MN, and Dickinson, ND offices.

What can a preventive maintenance program provide?

Who benefits from a preventive maintenance program?

  • Businesses that don’t want to think about changing air filters, but they want to maximize their HVAC equipment’s efficiency.
  • Snowbirds who want the cabin shut down before winter and have the A/C ready before Memorial Day.
  • Owners of standby generators who are ready for an outage – yes generators need inspections too.
  • Homeowners who want their heating and cooling ready for the next season, but don’t want to think about it.

Finally, here are a few things our technicians check during a fall furnace maintenance inspection:

  • inspect the heat exchanger
  • test for gas leaks
  • clean burners and ignition assembly 
  • adjust and clean pilot burner
  • check blower bearings and fan wheel
  • clean condensate trap
  • test for carbon monoxide leaks
  • and even more

Check this task off your list and contact us to set up your preventive maintenance program.