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Frustrated with hot or cold spots in your home? Mitsubishi Electric products may be your answer.

Mitsubishi Electric wall-mounted unit

Zoned Comfort and What It Means for your Family

Mitsubishi Electric products are the smartest way to heat or cool any space. Each room in your home has different comfort requirements. Spaces like basements, sunrooms, bedrooms, and bonus rooms have unique needs. Your home’s size, windows, insulation, and position towards the sun affect comfort. With traditional HVAC systems, it’s not easy to mitigate these differences. Homeowners have to accept that some rooms are comfortable and others aren’t.

Total Home Comfort Can Be a Reality

Unfortunately, homeowners accepted ducted central HVAC systems as their only option. This is where zoning technology comes in – adapting space usage and external factors resulting in optimized comfort.

A zoned home divides into sections based on each space’s need for conditioning. Multi-zoned homes use a system of units and thermostats to push conditioned air to each zone. This allows homeowners to have control in each room.

Spaces Benefiting from Mitsubishi Electric Systems Include:

  • Homes with two or more stories
  • Houses with finished, livable basements
  • Rooms that experience hot or cold spots
  • Spaces with large windows or high ceilings
  • Large families battling over the thermostat
  • Older, historic homes without ductwork

Zoning Provides Customization

The number of zones benefiting a house depends on the size and layout. Sometimes, a single zone can cool or heat an entire floor. In other cases, a multi-zone system can divide into several temperature control zones. The most significant benefit of zoning is customization. Only cool and heat only the zones in use. Improve personal comfort and reduce energy usage and cost.

Zoning traditional HVAC systems is a possibility. Ultimately they never reach the same customization and precise control as a ductless system. Manage each zone in a home with its own unit, making your home comfortable, whatever time of day or season.