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Commercial Building Automation

By partnering with Automated Technologies, you can get full control of your facility’s heating, cooling and even lighting systems using building automation. With Automated Logic’s unparalleled 3D equipment graphics and thermo-graphic floor plans, you’ll  have your finger on the pulse of your entire building. Whether it’s a quick at a glance of the second floor or verifying your heating valve is modulating like it’s supposed to, simple ease of operation lets you navigate through the entire system in seconds. Set specific schedules on your equipment to save energy, or prioritize system alerts to remind you of maintenance due or system failures.  

Automated Technologies is a web-based system, giving you access to your building anywhere you have an internet connection, including through your smartphone or device. Using the industry standard BACnet protocol, you can connect to one building, or an entire campus at a glance. You can also get detail on specific equipment.  

Inquire today about one of our many capabilities below and let us get you on your way to gaining control of your facility.

  • Building Automation
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Load Curtailing
  • Mobile Access
  • Web Access
  • Energy Management
  • System commissioning
  • Technology Cabling
  • BAS Troubleshooting
  • Thermographic Floor Plan Technology
  • BAS Design
  • Preventive Maintenance