air conditioner

Looks like spring has finally arrived in the Northland and all of a sudden you will want to turn your Air Conditioner on. But what happens if you flip the switch on and you don’t hear that comforting hum?

Could the coolant level be too low or is there any refrigerant left? Did it leak out over the winter? Did mice eat the outside wiring, or did they move in? What if it sounds like a broken outboard motor?

Dirt, debris or last summer’s cottonwood fuzz will reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency; which can cause increased head pressure, decreasing the operational efficiency and increasing the risk of failure.

A Preventive Maintenance Agreement with Ellingsons will bring our skilled Technicians to your home or business. Once on the scene, they can inspect and eliminate many potential problems.

Our technicians will inspect refrigerant levels, clean the coils on the condenser, verify the system is operating within specifications and ready for the warm weather.

You may not be ready for warmer weather, but you can make sure your Air Conditioner is. Contact us to set up your preventive maintenance today.